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Chris Fuller grew up in Weston, Connecticut. He became fascinated with golf as a toddler. His first experience in competitive golf occurred when he was four years old and played Putt-Putt with a houseguest, the legendary actress Bette Davis. She autographed his kiddy putter. “I won! Bette Davis.” During this time, he wrote two humor books: Goodnight Putter and Goodnight Golf. Shortly after turning professional, he was diagnosed with Bipolar mental disorder which resulted in extreme mood swings that made it challenging for him to effectively compete. For over ten years he did not give up his dream and continued to play professional golf. As time went on, he chanced upon several interesting and colorful characters who directly and indirectly helped him heal and unknowingly set him on an unexpected new path.

Chris began playing golf tournaments when he was 12. He played for his high school and college golf teams. He turned professional at the age of 23 and began playing on mini-tours with a goal to make the PGA Tour. He first played on the New England Pro Golf Tour and then took up permanent residence in Arizona where he competed on the Pepsi, Gateway, Outlaw, and Dakota tours.

As a teenager, Chris decided to take up acting to occupy his time during the cold Connecticut winter. When he was 15 years old, he was accepted to study at the famed Actors Studio in New York City. But, as soon as Spring arrived and the golf courses reopened, he gave up all thoughts of the Stage for the Greens.

After having written “Cheese Fries and Fruit Chili Dips” Chris started to work with director Mark Graham to develop the show. During this time, Mark suggested that Chris contact John O’Hern, an actor, golfer, and one man show performer, to become Chris’ acting coach and instill in him as many positive acting skills and habits that John could pound into his head. An actor was born! Fuller says, “Now, I’ve got both – Greens and Stage. All I ever heard playing professional golf was ‘Fuller, get yourself a fall back career.’ And now I have one: Golf!”

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